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hi friends. I am in seattle, on my way to Ontario, one last day with Jessica before I leave.

we went to pike place market, and ate at a vegan thai restaurant, it was amazing. too many buddha statues for me, but the food was really good.

I am going to church tomorrow night at St. Anthony's in bozeman MT. I am looking forward to it, I miss church.

I am a little nervous to be leaving everyone I know, its going to be a little nervwracking at times.

really fun too though, I am looking forward to the pizza and beer gathering where we all meet the profs and fellow students.

I put new photos on my new flickr site. check it out, http://www.flickr.com/photos/pasivirta

who holds back the electric car? the stonecutters.

I had a beer with my sis the other day, it was great. I like kilkenny.

keep reading for updates on the cross country saga. peace friends.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

hello all.

some details in point form about the last two weeks or so.

+ I was baptized, thanks for coming those who did, it was great to see a large dutch contingent there.

+church party at my house that night, people going away and coming back

+camping in chilliwack at lindeman lake

+visiting cousin in okanagan, saw andrew gorman, drove with alanna,

+ celtic prayer retreat in USA with my favourite seattle-ite. forget that, favourite girl period.

st. arseny summer camp with church people, good times in indian arm.

this past weekend, freshest and most detailed was so sweet, I spent friday driving to seattle to pick up Jessica, which was awesome. I don't get to see her that often, so it was so good to finally see her. then, we drove to the gorge for three days and nights of Dave Matthews Band revelry. camping with 10,000 drunk college kids is okay, if you don't want to sleep, but we wanted to sleep. nothing doing. people shouting "wooooooo" all night, as if we didn't know where we were. hello.
the music kicked ass though. so good. good seats, 100 degree sun all day, as the sun sets over the columbia river gorge, the dave matthews band comes on stage and rocks so hard, and so soft, it was beautiful.
Jessica and I had some amazing talks too. I can't explain how great she is. really. honestly. I don't know how, but further, if you really want to know, I will tell you, but not on the internet.

now, I am madly scrambling to get ready to go to Ontario. peace friends.

oh, and I got a new tattoo. it should appear as my new pic (click on the link marked 'blogring access'

. we'll see.

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