being is beautiful and hard

I made it. I am in sudbury, I need a place to live, and I think need high speed internet. my aunt and uncle offered a place in exchange for some work. I don't want to do that, because they are not emotionally healthy people. I mean, my uncle seems like a controlling kind of guy, and I just don't need to deal with that. I have enough to work with already, like school, church, my satellite from seattle, anyways. much peace.


Graves said...

Peace be with you friend. Be blessed with a good house and community, and may school go well (and make you laugh).

Anonymous said...

Dave glad to see you're in Sudbury. I hope that all goes well and good luck with your studies.

Wish we cold get together, it would be awesome for sure.

take care and I'll try to call you, thanks for the email.

Magdalen said...

I'm glad to hear you made it there safely. You'll have to tell us about the church community there, and all about school.
Stay safe bro.