when you hear that steeple bell...

tom waits has some great lines. dang.

I have had the opportunity to talk about church so much lately, its great. I spent most of work yesterday talking with Dave V about church, it was sweet. It is nice to know people who are so passionate about figuring out what it means to be a christian.
Fr. Michael came over today to talk about the nature of the church, visible vs. invisible, and about why we don't take communion outside of orthodoxy. they are related, and it was good to hear it articulated again, because I know I understand and accept it, but I can't explain it (sorry) I will try to sometime when I have energy.

Jessica and I talked about the conference that they are putting on, that girl is amazing, they are having a conference about the church and how to be the church in the changing cultural context we find ourselves in, and I almost told her that I didn't know how to give ideas because my church doesn't spend much time trying to figure out how to be, because we have been being the same forever, that we just keep on being. as well, the cultural context seems fairly well addressed, even though the culture of the church is foreign to many, it is not irrelevant, the way many other churches are. I think relevancy has less to do with musical style than a willingness to address life on every level. life is the what, and culture is the how. since the church address how to live on a level that subsedes ( I made a word apparently) culture, and yet is infused with it, I live within my culture as one who is aware of it, relevant to it, and yet set apart from it in the ways that matter. my ratty 'locks may look a certain way, but the important thing is what drives my decisions, not the decisions themselves, because if I have the right foundation, the actions will come, right? so, how to be the church? maybe the same way they have been forever, but that takes a lot of time, time, time (thanks again tom waits)

which is one way the church is counter-cultural ( oh so cliche) society is all about instant coffee, and we brew it over years.

oh well. if she never becomes orthodox, she still beams beautiful light out of her eyes, kind of like phil, its too much to describe, too sacred to write about.

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