not alone

yes. it is nice to have grown up a bit. It was great to be in PG for a great wedding.

we had fun, I won poker.

now I am in seattle with a most amazing woman. I cannot spill onto the web too much, so ask me for details if you like. see you later.a


Magdalen said...

Ooh, did you win anything good?
Hey, how come I'm not a 'blog worth reading'? ... Actually, come to think of it, most of my stuff isn't that worth reading is it? Kay, scratch that. Anyway, I hadn't talked to you for a while, so I came to your blog to see what's new with you, only to see that there's *nothing new* posted here. How's life? ;)

Anonymous said...

guy... you must post more often. Now that I'm in Westbank, I'm looking for more updates... :P

JemmGemm said...

this is interesting.. so there are more bloggers out there than I thought, and I actually know some of them.. thanks to you leaving messages on gorman's page. Anyway. just wanna say Hi ^-^