today, I went to anti-corporate mecca. adbusters. it was awesome.

on saturday I was in seattle with Jessica. it was beautiful, sunny, hot, and the weather was nice too. we had iced espresso and sat on a blanket by green lake, talking, laughing, smiling, staring.

no more sitting waiting wishing.


issachar said...

ugh... ad-busters.

they take a half-way interesting idea and beat it to death like a very very disliked horse.

If you want to talk alternative magazines, that Risen one you had when we were in Coquitlam. I miss that one.

issachar said...

btw- I just noticed that you don't allow anonymous comments. Is that new or I have I just missed that all this time.

pasivirta said...

hey man, I don't know about the anon comments thing. maybe I changed it a while ago. I think a friend of yours posted on here a while ago.