I find myself wanting to be alone. how bizarre.

I guess not really since I am used to whole days by myself, and now I have not been alone since wednesday.

soon again, I will drive home.



I went to church with my dad on sunday. It was uncomfortable, which was odd, because I used to feel comfortable dancing around in church. it was fine though, and he liked that we went there with him. we went to commercial drive afterwards for the commercial drive fesitval, it was sweet, and I found a store to take jessica to.
whom I had the pleasure of dining with on friday night, a surprise of sorts. she was coming to bellingham to practice for a race next weekend, and called to see if I wanted to hang out. I thought for ohhhh...maybe a second. it was really fun. we went to the naam, and just had a really good talk. she's pretty cool.
this weekend tim and julia are getting married, and I am going to be the mc at their wedding, which will be hard, cuz i don't like lots of attention.
thanks, I'll be here all week. try the buffet.

the good thing about church was being retaught the important things in life, the most important things in the kingdom of heaven, are relationships (love) not money, or being responsible with it, and I know this is silly and moot for many of us, but I have been thinking a lot about my loans, and how I really ought to be out of debt before I do anything else, but that is kind of like being guided by money, either way. I think God should do any guiding (not that I am subscribing to any predestination, foreknowledge stuff, don't get me started)

I am working right now, and abner is quite docile which is nice. my lovely sister Tessa is loaning me her computer for a while, so I may actually have some thoughts forthcoming.

much peace,


per la gloria

I love humans.
Sunday, June 05, 2005
I had a sweet weekend camping in bellingham, I ended up missing church, which was unfortunate, but I was with good people. I enjoyed some particularly peaceful moments of silence with an other, sitting on rocks over the ocean. peace. when its real, its unbelievable. gratia plena. its less giddy, more sane, and still really beautiful. and yes, basil, you are right. and G, yes, I will pass the salt. peace and thank you. See you soon,