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Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church Of St Volodymyr 190 Baker SUDBURY, Ont 673-2403

so, I am waiting to talk to my priest, Fr. Lawrence, because I want so badly for him to bless me in my desire and plans for grad school. I heard someone talk about how he may not think its the best idea to leave my incubator of a church at the beginning of this stage on my journey towards Christ, towards Holiness. Now, he very well may hold that opinion, but I know that he will say it with love and care and sensitivity, and it was these things that were lacking in my conversation regarding this. anyways, I mostly needed to say that out loud, as it were, to get it off my chest, and to hear it myself. hear it. right. I am having /hearing a great discussion as I type, regarding liturgy, personal expression and art.

mainly, what is being said is that the church and its liturgy are not a place for personal expression because the church itself is manifest as a community, not as many individuals. however, that being said, the church encourages art in all forms.

so come to st herman's, all ye artists. and, hey, JM, mujalifah, sorrow and pity, and others, you and all your friends are coming this weekend eh? eh? *wink*wink*

Anyways, I am trying to figure out school for next year, so freaking excited. can I just brag for a second? I have a friend going to yale on a full scholarship. sarah koenig? yeah, full ride to yale divinity institute of sacred music. yup, TWU produces yale scholars. also, I have a bunch of friends who are doing or are finished MA's. many from the music department. Graham is done, mellowbecca is halfway, leanne is in the midst, its bizarre how many people I know in grad school. TWU is the bomb!

honestly, when I first thought about tWu, I thought "whatever, a christian school couldn't have any academic viability" man, I was so wrong. thank God for t-dub.

peace friends.


Ed Doerksen said...

just be prepared to come to my place sometime during the year when you're at Sudbury. You'll have a place to crash for sure.

It would be good to see you again.

issachar said...

last I checked you also had a friend (not me) going to do a semester at a little school called Oxford...

Paul said...

Not to split hairs, but I don't have ann MA. I have an MMus. It's a difference in name, not standing, though.

Hmm. I remember when we all hoped that we would go off and change the world. Now I am content and hopeful that we will succeed in changing ourselves instead.

pasivirta said...

well, congratulations anyways, and happy birthday!
and yes, changing ourselves is enough to work on, and let others watch and be encouraged to do likewise maybe.

biss said...

i wish graham were always around to make wise comments like that. he'd be like a "daily wisamin."