Desmond Wong and Michelle (skellie) were married today, it was beautiful.

I have been to weddings before, and all of the ones I have stood for (4 now) have been amazing.

I have however been to a wedding or two where there was not nearly the chemistry and joy that I saw today.

Michelle beamed laser beams of love at everyone she saw, mainly because of Desmond I am sure, but partially because it was such a beautiful day. what I saw between them was such intense love, such a history and a great future.

It was interesting, it made me happy for them. andrew and I are both blogging about des;s wedding and watching The God;s must be crazy at the Ifland's house, its really cool. they have a really amazing family. all homeschooled, eight kids and they are really mature and smart. not at all flaky.which is cool, but I have met some people who were homeschooled that really did not help any stereotypes. these people are really articulate though, I mean, I have a conversation with this 11 year old girl, and she speaks like any adult I know. I mean, they have fun like kids, but are able to talk like adults, its really cool.

I listened to music on my sister;s computer earlier while taking a nap, it was great. I had actually had too much of people, and was really excited to be alone for a while. really, a new experience for me.

there was a song I heard, and it made me almost cry because I had not heard it for so long. I mean maybe 20 years, and it reminded me of my mom singing to and with me, it was bizarre.

a song by raffi called robin in the rain. it has been an emotional day. its not always that weddings make one want to partake in one too. always a groomsman...

however, things like that will have to wait a short while, not that they are really staring me in the face mind you, but its time to work and get ready for school.

I do have this perpensity towards working too much though, and while I intend to work a lot this summer, I think its okay since I relaxed so much during my past few summers and during the past year. we'll see. I am going to have a meeting with fr. lawrence and I will have coffee after G&R's wedding this weekend. two weddings and a bachelor party. crazy.

I have to say again, that I have the most amazing life.

I have beautiful friends, people who know God and show it, people who love me and correct me. a church that is so beautiful in every way. Oh, and I think I already said it, but I talked with some vineyard pastors today that helped restore my faith in evangelical christianity. really I guess it helped me remember that how God is active in many places.

the party just entered thte room I am in, so for now, I will bid adieu, but it looks like I will be able to blog a little more often from now on. we'll see.

peace all.


Graves said...

Amazing day. I'm too tired to write anything else (yes, I am writing on your blog on your computer in the middle of the night).

Ed Doerksen said...

Dave, congratulations on the GTA and getting into Sudbury for your Masters.

I hope all goes well with you over the summer and into the fall. It would be great to see you again if you decide to venture down to southern ontario.

I've caught up on your postings now and things look like they are going well for you. I saw Desmond last summer and Steve and Larisa's wedding in Winterpeg. Had a great time.

Take care, I've got to get back to the park. Hope to catch up next weekend agian.

biss said...

i think that I have the most amazing life. wanna have a contest???