so, I am living. living and working, and I don't have too much energy for thinking about the things that I spent so much money and time on during trinity.

I mean, I do think about things like baptism, especially since I will be getting baptized in august, on the 14th, I am so excited! and I have good talks with my friends from church. currently, I mostly focused on paying off my loans, so I work a lot.

I love my social work job. I get to spend time with people who need help, and its not even like work at all. its crazy. I love it. so I worked a bunch last week.

its nice to come home and do nothing, but I don;t want a job that makes me tired like this. I need to be working with people, and still have energy for whoever I live with.

I want to live in community. I got up so easily this morning, knowing there were others around to get up with. alanna and brian were here this morning.

marco is coming soon for des's wedding, so that is cool. apparently I find out about laurentian university this week.


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Ed Doerksen said...

hang in there Dave. Summer is already there, and nearly here.

I find living in the park away from the computer to be a mixed blessing.

I've cut grass and cleaned washrooms for the last three days and have another four to five days of nearly the same thing.

I stil have to look after my apartment plants and bring plants to the trailer in the park as well.
So work, fun, work, and sleep.

Take care Dave, will look in when I'm home next.