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The Frankfurt School's Theory of Culture (HUMA 5526)
This course examines the critique of modern culture that has been developed by the so-called Frankfurt School, or Critical Theory, a very influential interdisciplinary theory which analyzes cultural productions together with their social basis. Many authors are to be considered, such as Horkheimer, Adorno, Benjamin, Löwenthal, Marcuse and Habermas. Among the problems discussed are: the impact of technical reproduction and the mass-media on art and culture; the social basis of mass culture and vanguard art in the twentieth century; the dominative or emancipative character of cultural reproductions.

Contemporary Forms of Belief (HUMA 5536)
The aim of this course is to examine the surprising vitality of contemporary forms of religious belief and crypto-religious ideologies. In order to achieve this aim, we will study controversial and sometimes contradictory movements such as militant fundamentalism, movements towards tolerance, the complex area of "new religions" and the recent spiritual current called "New Age". The course is open to different research approaches and will examine texts from various points of view (philosophical, juridical, psycho-sociological, theological...).

Cognition and Interpretation (HUMA 5426)
This course will deal with cognitive linguistic theory as applied to the interpretation of texts. We will explore how linguistic categories structure the way the mind perceives reality and how such categories impinge on the act of interpretation.

Theories of the Visual Arts (HUMA 5436)
This course would take up the matter of what it means to understand anything visual, from paintings to illuminated manuscripts to advertising to music videos. A range of theorists would be studied -- Gombrich, Arnheim, Bryson, Kaplan, Harries. Representative essays on architecture, film, video, painting, and illustration would supplement the study of the images themselves.

Biblical Hermeneutics (HUMA 5216)
This course consists of the study of selected biblical texts from the perspective of various methods of biblical interpretation, from literal and allegorical interpretations, through the historical-critical method to more recent methods, such as feminist "hermeneutics of suspicion."

Religion and Modernity (HUMA 5246)
This course will explore the intellectual relationship between religion and modern secularism in the West through the study of selected religious, philosophical, and literary texts. Such texts will be representative of both the secular critique of religion and the religious critique of secularism. Particular attention will be given to writers who have attempted to define the religous origins and meaning of modernity itself (such as Nietzsche, Dostoevsky, Camus, Simone Weil, Paul Ricoeur, or Eric Voegelin).

Philosophical Hermeneutics (HUMA 5217)
Hermeneutics or interpretive theory is concerned with understanding other ages and cultures as authentically as possible. This is not a straight-forward operation, but rather presupposes an "effective historical consciousness." Such, at any rate, is the claim of Hans-Georg Gadamer's Truth and Method . Focussing on this work, the course will be a systematic consideration of philosophical hermeneutics, and will address questions concerning the conflict of interpretive orientations and the prejudices of tradition.

Isn't that exciting?

I think so.


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