soooooo....I am listening to the coolest mix cd ever, my sister Tessa made it for me for my birthday, (no, not today, but soon) I am going to be 25 years old. you may call me the ancient one.

currently listening to someone called Mirah, very cool. my parents took me out for my birthday, I had the most amazing meal today, and It was funny, sister angelina, a monk (the nuns are called monks) at our church who I feel like is a bit of a spiritual guide (she told me I was cocky:) anyways, she reminded me that I am a catechumen and don't really have to keep the fast so strictly, or at all, and I was so shocked, because I had totally forgotten, because I am trying to do it with everyone, and its going fine, but eating out and having a good meal for your birthday is kind of hard if you are trying to go vegan, so I had shrimp alfredo at olive garden, and it was nearly the best restaurant meal I have ever had. dang. It was amazing. now bright eyes is singing to me sweetly. awwww.
anyways, I love church. I really do. Today Brian said "its good to be in church today" and I nearly shouted my agreement. I felt so sick during church, but it really was good to be there. man, I love it so much. today we all venerated (bowed in front of and kissed) the cross, but it was surrounded by beautiful red roses, and it was explained that halfway through lent, we are given the cross as refreshment and encouragement. it really did that. I can't believe how the liturgical calendar is so amazing and it really is preparing me for the passion week. (we eastern church peeps have easter at a different time, which is too bad, but man I love this lent thing. even though its hard and sometime it sucks and drains me, and I am cranky, I am bursting at the seams with something, I know not what.here is my list for the day.the brandonian musical master has inspired me yet again.

I have:
-an amazing community I belong to(which means many good friends, and even some great ones
-a cool apartment I am moving to
- a full time job (finally)
-a full stomach
-a sore throat and stuffed nose
-cried this weekend (joy)
-a car
-a motorcycle
-a truck and trailer and lawnmowers
-a mountain bike (on loan)
-more music
-two bands-ish
-amazing friends
-a cool family(my sister rocks, she is almost cooler than me)

I also have tickets to all three nights of DAVE MATTHEWS BAND in august at the gorge. I want to cuss and swear and jump up and down for excitement, but I can't jump because I am an electron and not a real person right now, so imagine me being really hyper and bouncing off the walls.
and I won't swear, because we don't all appreciate that here. but dang, I am stoked about that. three nights of dave matthews. wow.

-bad dreads, and I don't mean cool bad, I mean, messy, unkempt, unworked on dreads. I need a new comb and more wax, but I am going to wait till payday,so please excuse my sad dreads. oh well. one day they will rise again.
-bright eyes mournfully plucking away, chasing my hyperactivity away with his beautiful melancholy bliss.


Anonymous said...

Dave glad to see things are going so well. That is most excellent. It has always been good to read your posts as they are interesting to me. Happy birthday, as mine is on the 16th. You're ancient, where does that put me at 54? Yikes!

Take care and have a great birthday buddy.

Paul said...

"Today Brian said "its good to be in church today" and I nearly shouted my agreement."

You know you have really changed in the last little while. Before I don't think you could have restrained yourself. Ha ha!!!

Happy Birthday soon.

biss said...

uhhh....yeah. thanks for waking me up today. i don't know what would have happened if i really REALLY was sleeping. probably would have started Orthodox Dominoes or something.
anyway, over twelve hours after taking dayquil, i still feel way too drowsy. i wonder if they mislabelled it.

heather said...

Happy Birthday, Ancient One. I'm drooling over your DM tickets. Seriously, share the love, baby!

Magdalen said...

You have DM tickets? !! I'm so jealous! Hmmm, well, my birthday is in August. Maybe I can convince mum and dad to get me that for my birthday.
Have a good one tomorrow. I'll probably see you Wednesday. Till then, God bless

biss said...

I could REALLY use a caramel klondike icecream cone with peanuts right now!

Graves said...

what about geezer, can I call you geezer?