I don;t really have anything to feel nostalgic about right now. and that is fine. I love life, am glad for what is past, hopeful for the future, and I am beginning to understand regret. For these things, I thank our Maker.


Magdalen said...

Well, I guess it depends what you mean by 'nostalgia'. Like, if you mean nostalgia as in wishing that things could be like they were, then yeah, I'm on board. Regret and vain wishes are a waste of time. But then there's the kind of nostalgia that's remembering the past with fondness, and enjoying and cherishing those memories.
Happy Birthday, by the way. Did you have a good day?

biss said...

Remember when we had all the time in the world???

issachar said...

what about being nostalgic for all the times we had at Elk Place. (Well it's a bit early yet, but you can start being nostalgic in just over a week.


biss said...

In response to your other blog 9on Xanga), but since I can't post there:
You are SO TOTALLY (to quote you) right. Our boss is SUCH a smiley guy. It is very relieving, especially since I have always feared my bosses. And have you met the City worker guy? I met him today, and as I told Phil, he's a lot like our boss, with that grinny feel to him, only ten times more goofy and smiley seeming? What is it with the city that makes the place such a dump and the workers so darn kind?
And all the Sihk people I passed today said "Hello" or "good morning" or something friendly sounding in other languages. Yay! Sunny days...drifting my way.