tomorrow (today) (saturday) I move to langley. I am so excited, but I will miss living with Desmond. It will be nice to have what will be for at least a while a home. not just an apartment to study in, but a place to own. be at home in, call my own.
I am really excited to have people over after church, to let people crash over on a saturday night.

I love having a church where there are monks. Its the coolest. I told sister angelina and brother cyprian today that I love watching them in church. I do. I love it especially when they prostrate fully. to see piety is really cool. I mean, I know its not that different when the rest of us do it, but with them, the form (their dress) and the content (the bow) match up so well, its very harmonious. I don't really know why I like it.

OH! and, Christie, whom some of you may know, and some may not, is becoming a catechumen on sunday, so my 'who's next' query is now answered. I thought it would be brian, or dan, but nope. anyways. its exciting. oh, and for my bolivian friends, I saw your old roommate janice tonight at a birthday party. she recoginzed me. it was bizarre. I had only ever met one janice in my life, and she looked quite different. long, straight, streaked hair, I didn't recognize her except for her name. anyways, it was cool to talk to her, but we didn't talk long. its late, and this is getting rambly and emailish, so, I will write more for all.

oh. I guess that is it. one of my current roommates is moving to within a block of where I am going, so that is pretty sweet. I am so excited for life. with the end of this chapter, the coquitlam, westwood brethren one, opens a new one. langley, st hermans, work, its so cool.

incidentally, here is a list of the cool people who have lived in the house I currently am about to move out of.

Tyson M
Marco K
Michael Beukema
Dan Steenburgh
Brian Ward (I Think)
Andrew Gorman
Graham Yates
Sarah Koenig
Steele Malotte. yes, his name is steele.

of course Des and Leo

but what is strange is all the first few are connected in such strange ways. i suppose its trinity and its interconnectedness. there is a word for speed scrabble.

Tim said today he was underwhelmed by the new DMB song. I think its sort of a mediocre start, but we'll see. I was excited about it yesterday, but maybe thats because its new, but the other thing is it may take time to get into? I don't know. it could be the producer. I mean, honestly, how can you go wrong with steve lillywhite. hello, he is U2's producer. goodness. (he did dmb's first three albums)

I love the church. there are so many cool things that happen these days. speaking of, I have not seen it, but did you see during the pope's funeral how the orthodox bishops prayed over and censed the body of Pope John Paul II? I was worried because one of my orthodox friends said something that lacked tact and compassion. anyways, our prayers have included the pope, and the church, which gives me hope.

goodnight friends.


Paul said...

I lived there, too!

I lived there after I got back from Europe IDIS, and Christmas/New Year's 2003 and New Year's 2004-5. Duh, hello!

Magdalen said...

Yeah, I've been really glad by the outpouring of compassion and prayers for the Pope from the Orthodox Church. Really though, Dave, you mustn't take anything that certain greek friend of ours says as being the standard for Orthodoxy.
It's sunny again today! Yay!
I'll have to check out the new DMB song, I haven't got round to it. Stupid slow computer.
Have fun a Vespers tonight!

heather said...

Congrats about the place in Langley! Who are you living with? I'm in Seattle this week - if I come up to Trinity on Monday (to return my sister) want to grab coffee or something in the evening? At the very least it'd be cool to see your place - if you're free, that is. E-mail me!

Sidenote: I played De Kolonisten Van Catan (Dutch version of The Settlers of Catan) for the very first time when I was living in Holland and I LOVED it! What a great game! Definitely my all-time favourite strategy game.

Anonymous said...

Dude... You missed Christo!