so, its been a while, here is what has happened. I think.

I am still loving church. there is a new pope. I am hanging out with my sister, she is cool. biss is moving. I am helping a bit. church tonight, I love it.
I love my new house. see, I really have had interesting thoughts and things happening lately, but now I can;t remember them.
still listening to sufjan stevens. lent is over, it is now Holy Week. soon, Christ is risen.

I had a beautiful thing happen today. I look after these three girls, and their Father and I chatted a bit, they are having their first communion tomorrow as catholics, and I told him I am being baptized later this summer in the orthodox church, and he smiled and said "the sister church" and it was so awesome. I totally agree, and I think its possible that the converts see this and will have a large part in bringing at leat a little more unity between the two groups. I mean, I see more unity here than in other places, though there is certainly disunity. anyways, more later.

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