more church.

last night was the holy unction. it was where the orthodox get anointed with oil, the oil becoming the fulfillment of all the old testament oil stories. it was gorgeous. its holy week, very intense. I am working a lot today and tomorrow as well. des is moving, twu grad, and life oh blessed life. I love it.

I wish I had more time to think through these church things, since I started work, I am so tired at the end of the day, but soon there will not be church, so I can talk more and think more. now I am living so fast there is not much time to sit and be quiet. I need to have more of that. this work thing is overrated.

oh, and after so much living, and not much peace and quiet, I found myself really meaning every word of the lords prayer. it was beautiful, and strange. I have said it often out of obedience, not as often out of truth and meaning dripping from it.



maybe I have gotten used to not having a computer. so I may not post for a while. I may, but I don't know. in any case, call or write if you like.

7040 200a ave langley bc v2y 1p5 canada!

or call 604 809 8681

much love.

(oh, and I and my introverted self are going to mc tim and julia's wedding in PG in june. I am honored)


so, its been a while, here is what has happened. I think.

I am still loving church. there is a new pope. I am hanging out with my sister, she is cool. biss is moving. I am helping a bit. church tonight, I love it.
I love my new house. see, I really have had interesting thoughts and things happening lately, but now I can;t remember them.
still listening to sufjan stevens. lent is over, it is now Holy Week. soon, Christ is risen.

I had a beautiful thing happen today. I look after these three girls, and their Father and I chatted a bit, they are having their first communion tomorrow as catholics, and I told him I am being baptized later this summer in the orthodox church, and he smiled and said "the sister church" and it was so awesome. I totally agree, and I think its possible that the converts see this and will have a large part in bringing at leat a little more unity between the two groups. I mean, I see more unity here than in other places, though there is certainly disunity. anyways, more later.


new home, no computer

HI, I have a new home, 7040 200a ave in langley, its great, but I have no computer. so I will have to update this better some other time. I still love my church. I am going to an arabic church tonight with my friend dennis, and his parents are my landlords. its a great house. I worked in the rain today, and I still love life. not much has changed, but lots has happened. I hope you are all well, and I hope to be in touch soon. I may not have a computer for a while though, so it will be sparse. pray for me and I will for you.



tomorrow (today) (saturday) I move to langley. I am so excited, but I will miss living with Desmond. It will be nice to have what will be for at least a while a home. not just an apartment to study in, but a place to own. be at home in, call my own.
I am really excited to have people over after church, to let people crash over on a saturday night.

I love having a church where there are monks. Its the coolest. I told sister angelina and brother cyprian today that I love watching them in church. I do. I love it especially when they prostrate fully. to see piety is really cool. I mean, I know its not that different when the rest of us do it, but with them, the form (their dress) and the content (the bow) match up so well, its very harmonious. I don't really know why I like it.

OH! and, Christie, whom some of you may know, and some may not, is becoming a catechumen on sunday, so my 'who's next' query is now answered. I thought it would be brian, or dan, but nope. anyways. its exciting. oh, and for my bolivian friends, I saw your old roommate janice tonight at a birthday party. she recoginzed me. it was bizarre. I had only ever met one janice in my life, and she looked quite different. long, straight, streaked hair, I didn't recognize her except for her name. anyways, it was cool to talk to her, but we didn't talk long. its late, and this is getting rambly and emailish, so, I will write more for all.

oh. I guess that is it. one of my current roommates is moving to within a block of where I am going, so that is pretty sweet. I am so excited for life. with the end of this chapter, the coquitlam, westwood brethren one, opens a new one. langley, st hermans, work, its so cool.

incidentally, here is a list of the cool people who have lived in the house I currently am about to move out of.

Tyson M
Marco K
Michael Beukema
Dan Steenburgh
Brian Ward (I Think)
Andrew Gorman
Graham Yates
Sarah Koenig
Steele Malotte. yes, his name is steele.

of course Des and Leo

but what is strange is all the first few are connected in such strange ways. i suppose its trinity and its interconnectedness. there is a word for speed scrabble.

Tim said today he was underwhelmed by the new DMB song. I think its sort of a mediocre start, but we'll see. I was excited about it yesterday, but maybe thats because its new, but the other thing is it may take time to get into? I don't know. it could be the producer. I mean, honestly, how can you go wrong with steve lillywhite. hello, he is U2's producer. goodness. (he did dmb's first three albums)

I love the church. there are so many cool things that happen these days. speaking of, I have not seen it, but did you see during the pope's funeral how the orthodox bishops prayed over and censed the body of Pope John Paul II? I was worried because one of my orthodox friends said something that lacked tact and compassion. anyways, our prayers have included the pope, and the church, which gives me hope.

goodnight friends.


american baby

I worked in the rain today, and it had its moments. I really enjoy working outside, and even in the rain sometimes. Being cold helps us know we are alive, as does being warm, being wet is just uncomfortable. nothing poetic about it.

having a job is the best though, it makes me really busy, which is different and nice compared to being bored and broke.

I may get to move into the new place a little earlier than expected.

I am currently listening to a brand new Dave Matthews Band song called american baby, and its really cool, very dmb, but also quite different, its so squeaky clean, the trebles are really clear, the EQ is different than in the past. oh well, no more boring dave matthews stuff for you all, I know there are more important things in life.

I am still slightly ill, working in the rain all week has not helped I am sure, and I still don't know about laurentian University. I will email them.

When I got home, a drowned rat, wet and cold, Des made me some hot no name neo citran. you know, I think it would be the worst thing in the world to live alone. I mean, I don't mind being alone for a time, but having people to come home to is so nice. I know its not always like this either, but man, I like people. I am glad God wants us to love each other, its so good.

My boss came and visited me today for a minute while I was working, and I didn't say anything funny, but he was grinning and chuckling a bit, maybe about the weather etc, but it totally made my day. I like my boss, he is such a smiley guy.

okay, time for a shower, I think we are playing settlers of catan tonight. best game ever.

I heard on the radio station I listen to, a rock station, that is was "So cool" that Bono now takes his rosary on stage with him. the Pope gave it to him, and it was designed by michaelangelo. Its amazing how far Christ reaches through the life and death of one man.



I don;t really have anything to feel nostalgic about right now. and that is fine. I love life, am glad for what is past, hopeful for the future, and I am beginning to understand regret. For these things, I thank our Maker.


soooooo....I am listening to the coolest mix cd ever, my sister Tessa made it for me for my birthday, (no, not today, but soon) I am going to be 25 years old. you may call me the ancient one.

currently listening to someone called Mirah, very cool. my parents took me out for my birthday, I had the most amazing meal today, and It was funny, sister angelina, a monk (the nuns are called monks) at our church who I feel like is a bit of a spiritual guide (she told me I was cocky:) anyways, she reminded me that I am a catechumen and don't really have to keep the fast so strictly, or at all, and I was so shocked, because I had totally forgotten, because I am trying to do it with everyone, and its going fine, but eating out and having a good meal for your birthday is kind of hard if you are trying to go vegan, so I had shrimp alfredo at olive garden, and it was nearly the best restaurant meal I have ever had. dang. It was amazing. now bright eyes is singing to me sweetly. awwww.
anyways, I love church. I really do. Today Brian said "its good to be in church today" and I nearly shouted my agreement. I felt so sick during church, but it really was good to be there. man, I love it so much. today we all venerated (bowed in front of and kissed) the cross, but it was surrounded by beautiful red roses, and it was explained that halfway through lent, we are given the cross as refreshment and encouragement. it really did that. I can't believe how the liturgical calendar is so amazing and it really is preparing me for the passion week. (we eastern church peeps have easter at a different time, which is too bad, but man I love this lent thing. even though its hard and sometime it sucks and drains me, and I am cranky, I am bursting at the seams with something, I know not what.here is my list for the day.the brandonian musical master has inspired me yet again.

I have:
-an amazing community I belong to(which means many good friends, and even some great ones
-a cool apartment I am moving to
- a full time job (finally)
-a full stomach
-a sore throat and stuffed nose
-cried this weekend (joy)
-a car
-a motorcycle
-a truck and trailer and lawnmowers
-a mountain bike (on loan)
-more music
-two bands-ish
-amazing friends
-a cool family(my sister rocks, she is almost cooler than me)

I also have tickets to all three nights of DAVE MATTHEWS BAND in august at the gorge. I want to cuss and swear and jump up and down for excitement, but I can't jump because I am an electron and not a real person right now, so imagine me being really hyper and bouncing off the walls.
and I won't swear, because we don't all appreciate that here. but dang, I am stoked about that. three nights of dave matthews. wow.

-bad dreads, and I don't mean cool bad, I mean, messy, unkempt, unworked on dreads. I need a new comb and more wax, but I am going to wait till payday,so please excuse my sad dreads. oh well. one day they will rise again.
-bright eyes mournfully plucking away, chasing my hyperactivity away with his beautiful melancholy bliss.


Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, Have mercy on us, Lord have mercy on us.

Pope John Paul II

When I heard the quote below on the radio today, I nearly started to cry. I was so sad, and I have no immediate explanation as to why. I appreciate what Magdalen said, as it helps me see that my greek friend does not represent all orthodox people. In his comments on the matter of the Pope's immanent passing, he lacked compassion.
Tonight, when I prayed for him, it was "Lord have mercy on him and save him" and I think I was praying for his passing. I don't even think it appropriate to call it death, and I think that is why I wanted to cry, because I could see what the guy on the radio said, "tonight, Jesus opens the gate of heaven to welcome the pope" or something like that. what a beautiful image. How could anyone be sad to know that He has gone home, and that we will be able to be with them all one day. the image of God in my mind is one of a traveller, on a long journey, has finally reached his destination, the presence of God, and he is welcomed in to the warmth with open arms, and celebration, dusting the snow of this cold world off his boots, he takes off his heavy peacoat, his hat and scarf, and he is given a beautiful meal. He sits with the son of God in the most peaceful silence, like two people who have known each other well for many years, knowing there is much to talk about, but cherishing the silence, and each others company, something they both have been longing for for many years, a reunion above many others.
I don't know if He is still here on earth, or with God directly, but no, we have not lost him totally, merely physically. it does mean though a new era for the history of the church and the world (since the planet is 1/6th catholic) and we ought to pray that God guides the selection of the new pope. may God have mercy on the Holy See of Rome.


This evening or this night, Christ flings open the doors to the pope.


May God Bless us with more such men, and may he have mercy on and save us, as we are less for having lost him.