so, the link is the coolest internet radio station I could imagine, if you like the Dave matthews band, thank you tyson, I think that was the best electronic gift anyone could give. strange, this electronic land we quasi exist in.

in other news, Dave has found himself in an interesting place where he is wiling to be at least somewhat vulnerable on the blog, but not so much when actually having conversations with women. generally anyways. He finds that when talking about things that matter like church, which is really what matters these days, it is not so easy to delve into the deep reasons for moving towards orthodoxy, and becoming orthodox, with individuals of the better half of our race. He is not entirely sure why, but it likely has something to do with being safe. oh man, this radio station rocks. see, that is usually what I do (recently) interrupt a somewhat serious conversation to lighten it up with something totally unrelated or an attempt at humour so I don't have to be in such a heavy moment. maybe its just going to take more time. honestly though, the live DMB that this station plays is just amazing. it makes me hyper.

Tonight is orthodoxy sunday, where a bunch of churches get together across ethnic and traditional boundaries to celebrate the triumph of the use of icons in church, against the iconoclastic battles in the 17+18 centuries. (I think thats the time frame) anyways, we are going to a church just across the border, and I am excited. then we bring an icon and wander around (have a procession) with them and sing about icons and how we are glad to have them. I am very content and peaceful at church, and I enjoy learning about all of the new things that happen in this family I am joining. I would like to know all about how I decide things, about why I am able to say this is the right place to be, because in recent discussions with a local thoughtful person, I have found myself to be utterly unable to articulate the why's of this wise guise I am eventually going to put on. I don't doubt it, even through a torrent of questions (which are appreciated) I still am glad to be in this place, even though I can't answer all the questions. I think its probably the way new christians feel, super excited and unable to explain it all. mercy and peace friends,


Paul said...

why's gui.

biss said...

y's gye

Graves said...

Sheesh, who asks questions, go-lly.