oh how dreadful!

yes friends, thats right. its time once again to see if I have enough self-overcoming to stick to a project that I have tried a few times before. I now have enough stable work for long enough to do this for real, and I am going to do it. The other reason I can do it is I have a newfound ability to stick to things longer than before. for example, (barring a couple exceptions) I have been on time to church this year. I have never been on time for anything in my life until this year. many of you will attest to this, but honestly, its a new leaf. I have done this before, but never with as much determination as before. I would like to include it in lent, and it may be a part of that, self discipline etc, and I have been inspired by icons of John the Baptist, but I still am not sure, because it is partially a moment of vanity. but, whatever I do, its still vanity, so I may as well do this while I am still at least sort of young. who knows. I have been growing my hair out for a while and planning this for a while, but my south american dwelling friend has recently done himself up in the the knot-so-good coiffure forthcoming, and as he is my inspiration in a few ways, faith and style at least, I have decided to at least begin the dreaded journey. yes, I even had to wash the wax off my hands to type this, because of course I can't stay away from the electrons. I am committing to knot up my hair, and let it stay that way until the locks are just that. Locked in. committment. yes, I can do this. I am committed. ha. I swear John the baptist has dreads in all the icons I see of him, even the strange one in everson, and as such, tyson made fun of me saying something like "even with all this talk of orthodoxy, now you want to be a baptist?" well, he was laughing as he said it. me too when I read it. well, yes and no. look and live like John the baptist, check, get baptized, check, be 'baptist', not soon anyways. I suppose anything is possible, but I doubt I will ever become a baptist. I am home. God Bless all you baptists, keep seeking God, and maybe you should dread your hair after your patron saint. anyways, we'll see how it looks soon. perhaps I will have a spot for a picture when I am done.

One thing I hope God allows during lent is for me to be less religious and legalistic, and more loving and humble. I like that I have to survive it all in community, especially with people like sister Angelina, who told me I was cocky. I need to hear it from people like her, when she said it, it was so great. once a friend and future girlfriend told me I was being arrogant, but they were saying it out of fear and defensiveness, and because they had a vested interest in me, but sister angelina was just saying what she saw, and doing it in a loving, honest way. It was awesome. I think one of the blessings/difficulties God has granted me is to see through peoples motives, even sometimes before they understand them. not myself as easily, but others. her motives were so pure I could barely see them. like crystal clear water.

I am excited for presanctified liturgy on wednesday, a small anglican parish is coming because it is Holy Week in the west. as such, may God grant you peace, understanding of his suffering, joy in the resurrection, humility, and love.


heather said...

only you could turn dreading your hair into a spiritual event. crazy boy. do post pictures when you're fully in knots. good luck with the dreaded event!

Ana Carolina said...

wow, you are really tying the knot!! are you doing it yourself?
it took me 7 hours to do tyson's hair! it was quite the night... lots of tv, so much we were sick of watching by 3am. what dread wax are you using??
wish we could be there to help out. i feel like i could open my little dread shop...i've spent many hours dreading...oh well...hope it will be just like john's.

Paul said...


-old friend/future girlfriend: This is a good example of the different roles verb tenses play. If you meant this concept to be "imperfect" as I think you did, then the old friend became your girlfriend and then stopped. In the "perfect" tense, she became your girlfriend and continues to be at present. In the "pluperfect" tense, she is not presently your girlfriend, but she will be in the future (you sly devil!). Your statement could be taken two ways (not so much perfect, as context clarifies). Thank you for providing this valuable grammar lesson.

-Spiritual disciplines: maybe including apostrophes in your writings could become another spiritual discipline in which to engage. Of course you know I'm just teasing!

biss said...

allow me to point out that it was GRAHAM who corrected the grammar, not me. see...i CAN restrain myself sometimes. (because online i go slack...hence no caps)