new haus!!!

yeah yeah yeah! I am so excited, I am going to be moving in to a great new apartment in langley, its SO close to church, walking distance for sure, maybe 10 minutes to walk to church. and, its right next to ralph's farm market, which is sweet, they have such great produce for good prices, and a good selection. And, when my grass cutting job is up, I can probably get a job at the starbucks, which is also within about a minute walk. its crazy, I am so excited. Dan and I are going to live there, and there is room for a third, so we'll see about that. its brand new, laundry machine included, and its bigger than my parents 3 bedroom, but it has only two bedrooms, its laid out smartly so it won't be loud. man, I can't wait. moving on the 15th of April and we will have a hauswarmink partee in may sometime (after the fast) bach was glorious last night. wow. tyson had an amazing post for good friday, click on the eremacausis link. I am still unsure about this blog thing, but I still post so...hm. see you at vespers.


Anonymous said...

Dave, that's a great area to live in. Well I remember Ralph's Market. I am getting so homesick for B.C. I could use a gallon of Roger's syrup right about now. There is nowhere in Ontario to get any. I miss the fresh produce from the market. All I can get here is crap that's been trucked in from the states and likely six months old before it gets here. I am so homesick.
Take care Dave.

Magdalen said...

Dave, yay! That's so awesome, I'm so glad for you. 10 minutes to church? Dude, I'm jealous, that rocks! Very cool. Sounds like fun. see you tomorrow!