sad. my motorcycle is having stomach problems too. well, not quite, I think I have the problem nailed, but not sure. I got it to turn over, so it sounds like its not the battery, or the electrical mostly, just the spark plugs are not connecting, so its either the plug wires or the wires themeselves. I am sure you are all maddeningly interested to find out what excactly is keeping my other two wheels grounded, but I think what will happen is that I will make a switch for the summer, putting st herman's taxi to rest for a short time to save some money to make it road worthy again. in the meantime, I am drinking tomato juice, and going to make some lentil curry soup. I have to learn how to do the real thing though, this is mostly a mix. one thing I look forward to someday is regular meals with regular people. our house is such a boarding house these days. we don't do anything together anymore, which is alright I guess, but communal meals are really where it's at. good thing we have church. I am a little confused about how to dread the bottom of my hair, not because it is hard to reach, but because it is a different length than the rest of my hair, maybe I have to wait a while for it all to even out? that would be unfortunate. see you at vigil tonight.

mercy and peace


Anonymous said...

Dave, when was the last time you had a tune up done to the motorcycle? From the short account you have described, it sounds like it needs to have a tune up. The plugs need to be gapped, and likely new oil in it if its been sitting for a while.

What size bike do you have and what make is it?

I'd love to get back on a bike again, it is so cool. Everyone thinks I'll do the other leg in or even get killed if I get another motorcycle.

But they are awsome.

biss said...

Now...isn't it a GOOD thing to have a bike grounded? I mean, I would love to fly, but on a nike?