every time I cashed a student loan, I walked around from class to class thinking, 'this is worth it" whatever I have to do to pay it off afterwards, its worth it.

I do love what TWU gave me, I love the friends, the experiences, the learning, the growth and challenge etc, but boy I understand why God suggests that debt is a bad thing. I hate it, its stressful, its hard to justify it especially when I am not using my degree currently, but yes, it was worth it. even though I may go through days that make it seem like this is a year of suffering, I know its not. I am thoroughly enjoying working, relaxing, reading, going to church. It is probably a good thing I am not totally absorbed in school or a thought provoking job, but man I look forward to being out of debt. I may even get a second job, I got a letter from bethesday today, which is sweet, I sent them my "philosophy of care" and maybe I will be working two jobs for the summer, to make up for my half job since november. who knows. that would be crazy and intense. we'll see.

and I guess that is partially true, that I see the church as invincible, I mean, I know it is broken into little bits, but so was Jesus, and he came back with redemption. Perhaps it is not until the endless day, but we will be healed, made whole, and in the meantime we are meant to live in that hope, right?


Magdalen said...

I totally understand your frustration. I spent $14,000 on my one year of education, which is kind of disappointing at times, and now I've left that career by the wayside, with no intention of pursuing it again. And I look back at all that time and money and say 'was it worth it?' Ultimately though, I learned a lot about myself that year, met people who inspired me, and really, is education *ever* a waste?
See ya!

Graves said...

Yay for being out of debt (which I am not).

And as far as the church being invincible, (I don't like commenting online, there's too much room for misunderstanding) I think that the church is... I think I'm still thinking.

biss said...

Yay for debt! (ick.) but I HAVE A JOB!!!! Yippeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(thanks dave)