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So, I was thinking, and talking, (imagine that) about blogs today with some friends, and one weird thing about this whole thing is that we mediate our relationships. I mean, there are some instances where this may be a good thing, but maybe not always healthy.

I have more dreads today, lots. Alanna helped me with some, which was good, I was missing a few spots, so she helped me mess up my hair neatly. It was muchly appreciated.

I enjoyed work today, it was actually peaceful, heaving concrete around, passing the bowfloat, I was right on the water downtown vancouver, what a beautiful city. I felt sick all night and didn't sleep well, but then I woke up and was not too bad, so I went to work, and was well enough to work. my stomach hurt off and on all day, and it was brutal during church. oh. I thought I may get through a post without talking about church. (right) but its better-ish now. thanks for all the tips and tricks.

so work was good, my car is ill, I need brakes, shocks and more, so I may just park it for a bit and get out the ol' motocyclette en francais et ride it le around instead of le car. mon francais c'est n'est pas trop mal tout le temps, seulement ce soir parce'que il et minuit plus something.

anyways. feeling better. had an interesting discussion on the car on the way home from a friends haus, two friends in the car, one greek orthodox, and one almost catholic, not quite protestant and in a pinch maybe orthodox (all one person) were talking about doctrine. it really has such a potential to divide, I now understand the rationalists and the people who wanted to get away from religious wars. well, probably not quite the same, but to a certain level. anyways, I am nearly asleep at the wheel. much peace

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