best job ever!

I officially have the coolest job in the world. I work for connexus, a company that works for the ministry of children and families, and since last night at 730, I have been working with this great kid. His name is peter, and my job is to take care of him. his mom had to go to the hospital, so I stayed overnight at his house, and now we are doing various errands, playing video games with Tim, going to jam later on and then to choir. I don't know how long I have him, but I am getting paid to do all the things I normally would do (the videogames is more for him, but I don't mind) its so bizarre. normally the kids have behaviour problems, but peter is amazing. very quiet, very easygoing. best job ever. I got paid to sleep, to have a good conversation on the phone, to read. I can't believe I ever shovelled concrete, what a crazy thing. life is SO good. The best part about this job is that I get to spend time caring for people. the young lad is a bit worried about his mom, so I am trying to balance letting him talk about it (which he is not interested in) with giving him things to distract him from worry. anyways, I am so excited. it was a great night, God is so good. I don't know much about prayer, and I know I often rationalize it, but I think he probably answers it in many ways. anyways, mercy and peace friends.

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