st herman of alaska and ballooning.

Well, he is the patron saint of my church. yes, I go there regularly, but I am not orthodox, yet. its funny, there is so much to unpack about st hermans. there is a girl there who likes to be around me, but she doesn't know me, so how could she actually like me. I think she has ballooned me in her mind, Like I have done to many people in the past. its interesting to see it from this side. she's cool enough, but sometimes I don't like it when she hugs me, because nobody else hugs me, and she is a friend of mine, like many others at the church who do not hug me. anyways, I love the church, and the hugs really are not that big of a deal. but, I don't want to be something I am not. oh, and the girl in ottawa, I have not talked to her recently, but I wrote her an email revealing all, sort of. and apologizing for ballooning her in my mind. ballooning is bad. st herman is good. the orthodox church of america is a really cool place to be these days.

tonight I am going to the four finnish friends family festival for fun yuletide times. okay, so its not named that, but that is what it is, and I have to miss church. boo-urns. that sucks, I love church, but I love these people too.

no more ballooning, off to divine liturfy tomorrow, but no communion for me. did you know that open communion is only about 40 years old?